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UPDATE: Should Be Okay Now (was: Temporary outage: Camera Reviews and Stock Status site (my fault!)), June 6, 2013
UPDATE (9pm ET): The problem should be resolved by now for most internet users and the Camera Reviews stream and Stock Status site should be loading as before. Refresh/reload the site to make sure you get fresh results. ORIGINAL POST... Continue

Blog Change: Cameraholic Digests changing format, May 30, 2013
We will be testing a new approach for the Cameraholic Digests in the next few days. The high volume of cameras is making the big all-encompassing Cameraholic Digest round-ups too long and painful. The camera market has changed so we... Continue

Round-up posts are delayed (will catch up by Friday night), May 23, 2013
A quick blog update. The various round-up posts (eg Cameraholic Digest and such) are behind. We will hopefully catch up by Friday night. This is not a new burnout, so fear not! A number of "off topic" things like dentistry... Continue

Blog Updates, Improvements, Bug Fixes [Updates Completed], May 11, 2013
Today was a Blog Updates, Improvements and Bug Fixes day! Throughout the day we updated, fixed, and improved as many things as we could on the Noisy blogs. Any changes that impact YOU are included in the list of updates... Continue

New Blog Updates Wednesday evening, May 7, 2013
We will have new blog updates and catch up with new reviews and emails and RSS feeds and such on Wednesday evening! In the meantime, there is about a week's worth of new test reports published at the busy! Continue

Blanket Correction: Nikon Coolpix P330 has a 1/1.7" sensor, May 6, 2013
We have a blanket correction alert! At some point after the announcement of the Nikon Coolpix P330 compact with RAW, our noisy pea brain decided to remember that this has a 1/2.3" sensor instead of its actual 1/1.7" sensor. The... Continue

Good News: Full Text RSS Feed for the Main Blog is back! (refresh your RSS readers), April 13, 2013
We have some good news for you dear readers! The full-text RSS feed is back! The address for the RSS feed has not changed. It is the same as before, We will adjust and optimize it in the next... Continue

Blog Update and PSA: Don't Forget Your Taxes!, April 10, 2013
April 15 is almost upon us! Don't forget to file your taxes or file for an extension! We are part of the procrastination party, so we are scrambling to finish before the deadline. This is a poor blog, we can't... Continue

We return to regular high-posting programming on April 2nd, March 25, 2013
All apologies for the delays and irregularities of updates, unfortunately this is one of the side-effects of independently owned and produced blogs. To cut a long story short, we plan to return to our regular high-posting programming on April 2nd.... Continue

Delays in Updates (hopefully will get caught up by the weekend), March 6, 2013
All apologies for the delays between updates! We will hopefully catch up by the weekend - other things equal. Two things have added to the delays: 1) the non-digital schedule fell out of sync with the digital schedule, getting things... Continue

Convenience: shortcut links to get to the various parts of the blog quickly, January 15, 2013
Keeping track of the many body parts of the noisy blogs can sometimes feel like herding cats. So this is something that you may find helpful in getting to where you want to go quickly: easy to remember and easy... Continue

Launched Now: CES + PMA 2013 Situation Room and New Cameras of 2013 reference page, January 3, 2013
The CES and PMA 2013 party has officially began! We have just launched the CES and PMA 2013 Situation Room at the top of every main blog page. It will be updated as new cameras get announced. And since Samsung... Continue

Happy New Year (yes, 2013 is almost here!), December 31, 2012
Happy New Year, 2013 is almost here! Yes, another year is in the books, and a new one one is about to open its books. Here's to a better tomorrow, tomorrow! Make every moment count! Grab life by the horns,... Continue

Shop and Support the Noisy Blog!, December 17, 2012
Do you find this blog helpful or useful or entertaining? Would you like to see it continue? You can help! You, The Readers, are the main source of funding of this blog - by making your purchases through our affiliate... Continue

New Updates on Wednesday (Tuesday = blog detox day), November 27, 2012
Thanksgiving week is a time where many are able to get away from work and the daily grind, and spend some quality down time. Here at the Noisefest, it is exactly the opposite. Along with Photokina and CES+PMA, Black Friday... Continue


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