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Blog Transition Complete - New Posts Will Happen at Wordpress From Now On, October 7, 2014
The Transition to Wordpress is now complete. New content will be posted at the Wordpress version of the Main Blog ( The full-text RSS feed remains the same as before and it has been switched to the new Wordpress feed.... Continue

Move to Wordpress happening tonight (10/7 PM to 10/8 AM NYC time), October 7, 2014
It is happening tonight! This Main Blog will switch to Wordpress as the mainline website. This current TypePad blog will become a historical archive. Expect some turbulence during the transition as domain names have to propagate and the new system... Continue

Moving to Wordpress soon (October): this Main Blog and Camera Deals blog, October 6, 2014
Oh hai! Is this thing still on? :) Finally, both this Main Blog along with the Camera Deals blog will move to Wordpress in the next few days. For a variety of technical, creative and other reasons, both will start... Continue

New "Stretchable" Blog Features Launched: Quick Updates (Twitter) and Panasonic GH4 stock status page, May 12, 2014
We have the first two new "stretchable" blog features launching after the blog reboot. The new blog features are "stretchable". Stretchable in this context means we can spend as little or as much time on them as time/interest/energy allows. However,... Continue

Explanation: Why the Opinion Soup is not coming back, May 6, 2014
Multiple people have been asking about the Opinion Soup, so here is a more detailed explanation why the Opinion Soup is not coming back. As mentioned in the Big Blog Changes blog-post, we are now out of the newscycle. This... Continue

TypePad Blogs are back after DDoS attack, April 23, 2014
All apologies for the outage of the last couple of days. Unfortunately the Blogging and Web Hosting Service of the main blog and the Camera Deals blog, TypePad, suffered a major DDoS attack during the weekend, and it was only... Continue

Big Blog Changes Effective Immediately: Rebooting What We Cover and How We Cover It, April 18, 2014
All apologies for the delays! This should have happened a few months ago, but I was hoping I could find a way to continue with the original blog-format. It did not work out. Effective immediately, we are pushing the reset... Continue

Delays in Updates, December 4, 2013
As you may have noticed, our updates have slowed down. Every year, the Black Friday week is a major punch, but this year a productivity-impacting cold affected all our "employees" (poor old me and the 583 voices in my head),... Continue

Shop at your favorite eBay Stores and Help Support this blog, October 30, 2013
We provide this blog for free, with minimal traditional advertising and free full text RSS feeds. We don't ask for donations but we still have to pay the bills (time = money too). So now we have an exciting new... Continue

Big Catch-up-a-thon in progress, new posts starting tonight, August 21, 2013
All apologies once again for falling behind! We are in the middle of a big catch-up-a-thon, covering the last fifteen ten days or so. We will start a new wave of posts tonight with more tomorrow updating the lens and... Continue

RSS Note: The SuperFeed (all Noisy blogs in one feed together) is not working, July 15, 2013
We have full-text RSS feeds for the individual Noisy Blogs, but we also had a Super Feed that grouped the Noisy feeds into one RSS feed. The Superfeed was created using Google Reader using its sharing service. With Google Reader... Continue

New Updates starting Sunday night, June 29, 2013
All apologies for falling behind, unfortunately that's one of the "benefits" of small independent websites without staff and without a budget. The hope is to start a catch-up-a-thon by Sunday night. Things have fallen behind on many fronts, plus there's... Continue

Delays in round-ups and review streams this week, June 26, 2013
We have delays in updates this week on the timeline-sensitive posts such as the various round-ups and latest camera and lens review streams. This is due to unforeseen off-topic rather boring circumstances that are eating up most of the blog... Continue

In depth article: Google Reader DIES on June 30, Here is a List of RSS Reader Alternatives (also: don't forget to Export your Google Reader Data!), June 24, 2013
June 30 is the last day for Google Reader, the most popular RSS reader at the time Google decided to end-of-life it. A number of alternatives exist today and even more are in development. There are plenty of choices out... Continue

Round-ups behind schedule, should catch up by Sunday afternoon, June 6, 2013
The round-up related posts (Cameraholic Digests and such) and the Review streams are behind schedule as we have fallen behind the "timeline". A number of things here and there and everywhere led to this, nothing specifically, but we should catch... Continue


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