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October 07, 2014

Blog Transition Complete - New Posts Will Happen at Wordpress From Now On

The Transition to Wordpress is now complete. New content will be posted at the Wordpress version of the Main Blog ( The full-text RSS feed remains the same as before and it has been switched to the new Wordpress feed.

This TypePad blog is now in Archive mode. No new content will be posted here. This has a new url, it is This is the same thing we did when we moved from Blogspot to TypePad a few years ago (the old Blogspot blog became

Workaround for Broken Links
Since this blog became a sub-domain, a lot of the internal links here are broken. Unfortunately there is no simple way to fix this automatically, and with over 10,000 posts, it can't be done manually either. However, there is an easy workaround:

If you are following a link to an individual blog-post from here or you have bookmarks to them and they don't work, replace the "www" in the url with "blog1". If it doesn't have a "www", add "blog1".

This won't work:
This won't work:

Change it to: (bold added for emphasis)

For any questions, issues, problems, please use the new online contract form or you can use the old contact form as well. Note that there will be all kinds of issues until things get sorted out at the new blog, and many things won't be sorted out here since it is now an archive blog.

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