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April 01, 2014

(A1) Launching new Selfies Photography School (SPS)

This is an April Fool's Day 2014 post... Original post after the jump...

There are thousands of books and thousands of websites teaching conventional photography at all levels of knowledge. Most of the digital cameras out there are optimized for conventional photography. But millions of people are taking billions of selfies every day. Yet there's very little out there in teaching people how to take better selfies. On top of that, most of the cameraphones and tablets put the "good camera" on the back, and the selfies camera on the front is often an afterthought, sometimes even VGA resolution (*scream*). So the need for teaching is greater than ever!

Consider this problem solved - a new Selfies Photography School is launching to quench the thirst for knowledge. The Selfies Photography School (SPS) will be an end to end program, covering all levels of Selfies Photography. It will have casual and fun classes such as "Duckface Selfies" and go all the way up to the more artistic and dramatic, capturing intense emotion during life's most important moments.

If you want your selfies to look professional, the SPS Professional Tier will have complete and detailed setups of all the right lighting systems and equipment, umbrellas, flashes, wireless controllers, reflectors, and more to help you capture those spontaneous selfie moments professionally.

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