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April 01, 2014

(A1) Launching new Essay blog covering the intersection of Photography and Religion

This is an April Fool's Day 2014 post... Original post after the jump...

There are thousands of websites on photography and thousands of websites on religion. But there's not a lot at the intersection of the two. So a new essay-blog is launching to cover the intersection of Photography and Religion and Spirituality. This will be approaching the subject matter from both a non-partisan (cameras) and a non-proselytizing (religion) viewpoint. The focus will be on expression and emotion, not "comparison" or trying to "win" arguments about who is right.

Already a lot of work is underway, here are some of the essays that will be published in the First Edition:

+ Practicing Tonglen during Street Photography

+ Compassionately Applying the Ten Commandments As A Studio Photographer

+ Photographing Religious Ceremonies As a Non-Judgmental Atheist

+ What Would Jesus Do As A Photographer?

+ The Three Fold Law In Conscientious Photography

+ Finding G-d in Nature

+ The Zen of High ISO And Small Pixels

+ Applying Agnostic Principles When Purchasing Your Next Camera System

+ As A Unitarian Universalist, Do I Have to Buy Every Single Camera System?

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