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October 07, 2014

Blog Transition Complete - New Posts Will Happen at Wordpress From Now On

The Transition to Wordpress is now complete. New content will be posted at the Wordpress version of the Main Blog ( The full-text RSS feed remains the same as before and it has been switched to the new Wordpress feed.

This TypePad blog is now in Archive mode. No new content will be posted here. This has a new url, it is This is the same thing we did when we moved from Blogspot to TypePad a few years ago (the old Blogspot blog became

Workaround for Broken Links
Since this blog became a sub-domain, a lot of the internal links here are broken. Unfortunately there is no simple way to fix this automatically, and with over 10,000 posts, it can't be done manually either. However, there is an easy workaround:

If you are following a link to an individual blog-post from here or you have bookmarks to them and they don't work, replace the "www" in the url with "blog1". If it doesn't have a "www", add "blog1".

This won't work:
This won't work:

Change it to: (bold added for emphasis)

For any questions, issues, problems, please use the new online contract form or you can use the old contact form as well. Note that there will be all kinds of issues until things get sorted out at the new blog, and many things won't be sorted out here since it is now an archive blog.

QUICK UPDATES (using Twitter)
Quick updates on various topics from the @1001noisycamera account

Reader Picture Showcase powered by flickr

Move to Wordpress happening tonight (10/7 PM to 10/8 AM NYC time)

It is happening tonight! This Main Blog will switch to Wordpress as the mainline website. This current TypePad blog will become a historical archive. Expect some turbulence during the transition as domain names have to propagate and the new system gets up and running! More details after the transition is completed.

The Main Blog's RSS feed will remain the same. Once the transition is complete and stable, I will switch the source of the RSS feed behind the scenes. There's nothing you need to do.

If all goes well with this transition, the Camera Deals blog will be switched over to Wordpress during the weekend.

October 06, 2014

Moving to Wordpress soon (October): this Main Blog and Camera Deals blog

Oh hai! Is this thing still on? :) Finally, both this Main Blog along with the Camera Deals blog will move to Wordpress in the next few days. For a variety of technical, creative and other reasons, both will start afresh. Between the two of them here at Typepad they have over 25,000 blog-posts and there is simply no clean + easy + practical way to transfer them over. The previous TypePad blogs will get their own archival sub-domains (the same thing we did when we moved from Blogspot to TypePad a few centuries ago).

RSS Feeds stay the same
The RSS feeds for both the main blog and the Camera Deals Blog will remain the same. They are hosted at Feedburner, so all I have to do is switch the source feed behind the scenes. So if you are signed up to those two RSS feeds, you will get the latest updates when the switchover happens.

Stretchable approach
Google has "Material" design, Apple has "Continuity". Our buzzword du jour is "stretchable". All projects must pass a stretchability test, and by that, I mean, you can do as little or as much as you can and they can stand on their own. Things that require constant 24x7 monitoring of the news, timeline, and new product announcements are not stretchable, and they are not happening. That ship has sailed as they say.

This is also an opportunity to go back to our roots and do a lot of things that used to get posted here before they got buried by cascading avalanches of new product announcements. Things like resource and reference posts, crazy-random-posts, market analysis, data-driven posts, and things like that.

There is no predetermined format or style, it is an anything goes type of thing. We are also no longer doing the semi-non-profit thing. If a regular feature requires 20 hours a month but does not pay for itself, it is not likely to happen (for example, the Opinion Soups). If you wish to demand for something to happen, then please provide: 1) the personnel to do it, 2) the resources to do it, 3) the sustainable funding for it. Once you do that, then please feel free to demand and demand and demand :)

More details as things develop...

May 12, 2014

New "Stretchable" Blog Features Launched: Quick Updates (Twitter) and Panasonic GH4 stock status page

We have the first two new "stretchable" blog features launching after the blog reboot. The new blog features are "stretchable". Stretchable in this context means we can spend as little or as much time on them as time/interest/energy allows. However, one thing is for sure: we are not going to "cover everything about everything". The old blog "Newscycle" coverage blog-format is not coming back, it is dead as a doornail.

Stretchable Feature #1: Quick Camera & Photo Updates powered by Twitter
On the front page of the blog we installed a new Twitter widget. We are now using Twitter in a different way. To quickly post Camera and Photo related links and pithy comments of potential interest. This allows for things to be posted A LOT faster and from a lot of different devices than conventional blog-posting. These will develop and get adjusted and fine-tuned over time.

There are two ways to follow these new quick updates:
1) on the front page of the website
2) on the @1001noisycamera twitter account.

Both the Twitter widget and Twitter page scroll to infinity, so you can keep scrolling to see what you may have missed in previous hours/days/weeks/months/years/centuries.

To make these more readable, we are using a more "airy" tweet format, which also makes it easier to quickly skim/scan. Here is an annotated screenshot crop of how the Twitter widget looks on the blog:


Stretchable Feature #2: Panasonic GH4 stock status page
Now that we are no longer posting waves and waves of announcements and round-ups and such, there's no need to keep a separate Stock Status page. So the new Panasonic GH4 stock status page is launched and built-into the front page of the blog. You can get to it directly using this link.

Because of the way things are structured in TypePad, we have to built these things into the front page of the blog. We can't post them as separate blog-posts and move them around, because the month the blog-post was posted is built into the actual url, so if you change the blog-post date to a different month (in order to move it around), it changes the number in the actual url, and it breaks all previous links and bookmarks. A move to Wordpress is a possibility, however, there's no clean/easy way to deal with the thousands of previous posts, so that's a TBD/WiP.

Here is an annotated screenshot of how the new Panasonic GH4 stock status page looks...


More Ideas in the Works
There are more things in the works, but I will try to "test" (the testable ones at least) first before launching them. As mentioned in the blog reboot post, everything about the blog is "rebooted", and this will become more experimental than ever.

As I mentioned before, the "newscycle" coverage "everything about everything" format is dead. Also, I will no longer be trying to "keep everyone happy". There's only so much I can do per day, and I will be focusing on what I find interesting/doable/productive/etc/etc/etc.

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